Other People’s Words of Wisdom for 2018

I love this post from UniquelyHR, where five Seattle leaders shared their suggestions for having a resoundingly great 2018.

My takeaways:

  • Be fully present (Minda Brusse). Whatever you’re engaged in, try to allow yourself the luxury of wholly engaging in it. Even if you’ve only got five minutes, read the heck out of that article you clicked on. Put together an appealing snack. Listen (really listen) to your partner tell a story.
  • Be intentional (Halley Bock). This involves a mantra: “This is what I’m going to accomplish today.” You’re going to be besought with distractions. You’re going to have to be aware of how often you let yourself get sidetracked. You might even start out with too big a goal and have to pare it down. But holding on to just one thing you can do, and then actually doing that one thing, will go a long way toward feeling that yes, you did something meaningful today.
  • Embrace your passions (Susan Mann). You want to sit and work on a puzzle for the next half hour, surf YouTube for cat videos, or finally take up ballroom dancing? I say: Do it! If I hadn’t, I’d still be sitting here as a writer and not an author. You may feel that there are too many demands on your time, but you deserve to reserve at least a corner of your own life just for you. What’s really holding you back?
  • Recognize what gives you strength (Leslie Feinzaig). Strength comes in many forms. Deep-rooted contentment is a strength. So is getting that difficult task done and out of the way. So too is caring about what you do. Get the picture? Look for what makes you feel good and grounded, whether it’s organizing your dresser, volunteering, or petting a guinea pig. All big things are made of little things.
  • Give yourself time to feel what you’re going to feel (Nancy Jensen). There’s a lot of pressure this time of year to be joyous, energetic, grateful. . .and not as much support for feeling stressed out, mournful, or just plain fed up. Plus we’re capable of multiple feelings at the same time; ain’t life grand? So when you find yourself overwhelmed, take a moment to just FEEL. Feel the happiness you have for some things, and the nostalgia for others. Then reflect on what you’re feeling and see what you can learn for the year to come.

And finally. . .

Pay attention to the people and activities that give me energy versus the ones that deplete it.” – Minda Brusse.

I’ll bet someone or some things come to mind!

What are your words of wisdom for 2018?

Speaking of guinea pigs, this is Lily Belle, one half of our new sister-duo of guinea pigs!

The Trouble With Goals Is…

You have to keep them!

My sudden, arbitrary, started-January-7-or-so goal for this year was to blog every day so I’d have something tangible to look back on in this realm.

Except more recently, I’ve found myself playing catch-up. Oops!

I could probably find oodles of posts supporting my theory that 6 months into anything will find you in a slump or plateau.


This is a takin, and he doesn’t seem too concerned about slumps.

But the fact that I recognize the little voice in the back of my head is saying, “Come ON!” for a good reason is helping me keep going…

…even if it’s a few days late, sometime.

What gets you out of YOUR slump? How do you meet a goal?


Don’t you worry, I’ll get there.

#Reverb11 Day 29: Shaking Things Up

Prompt: Shaking Things Up – Looking toward 2012, what can you do to shake things up a little next year?

“There’s nothin’ shakin’ but the leaves on the trees!” (Eddie Fontaine, 1958)

Time to change that!

My top shakers:

  • Write.
  • Sing.
  • Donate more–Money, time, things.
  • Be present.

All of these things I think about but haven’t been doing as much as I should, or at all. It means a little less being lazy on the couch and a little more getting up and moving. It means a little less indulging and a little more getting things done. It means getting back to the way I used to be when I did do all of these things.

The last one, though, that’s the killer. Yes, time ran differently when I was growing up versus now with all the trappings of adulthood…at least it seems that way to my nostalgic eye…but when I think of how much time I can spend just daydreaming, I realize I’m not spending as much time being truly aware of my surroundings. Truly participating. Truly present.

Trust me, I know how to escape from reality as much as anyone else. Books are a huge part of it. I’m not giving up reading at all (I’d die) but I can expand my horizons in that too, and catch up on all the broadening-the-mind works out there that I’ve been missing.

So those top shakers above with their four simple words are four BIG things to me, but as all big things are made of little things, I can manage at least one small, chiseled-out step at a time. Maybe more!

Reverb11 badge made here.