Went to Pier 1 for a Candle & Came Back with an Owl

There he was, sitting on a couch in front of the store, looking as cute as only a newly-hatched owl could. I could picture him as our own Couch Owl, and only the other day I was talking about retail therapy, so it was quite obvious to me that I needed to bring this owl home.

Did you know Pier 1 doesn’t have much in the way of taper candles? They said to wait until Christmas, which for them is a month from now. I confess I found that disheartening.

Things I Don’t Get, Part I

I feel the need to go shopping.

I don’t know why it hits me now and again with an instant Ooh! Retail Therapy! kind of vibe, but it does, and my mind fills with visions of jewel-toned shirts and my favorite brand of pants and a shoe or four.

In any case, it’s Friday and with that I have the age-old question of “Why?” (and sometimes, “WHAT?”). Enlightenment needed.

Things I Don’t Get (Fashion)

  1. No white after Labor Day. I know that’s mostly debunked by now, but why did it ever start?
  2. And if Labor Day doesn’t matter anymore, why do we have “winter white”?
  3. Do you still need to match your purse and belt to your shoes?
  4. Are high heels seriously worth the bunions, corns, calluses, future varicose veins, stress fractures and osteoarthritis?
  5. Can you really tell yourself that a size 12 in that boutique would be an 8 in a department store?

Just wondering! 🙂

Pic from Asoki