The Squeezor is on a Favorite Books in 2018 list!

Seeing this after a nice, long holiday break was a beautiful thing.

Miranda Reads, who had previously reviewed The Squeezor is Coming! (with the result of it staying for four weeks on Goodreads’s top 50 books of the month), has included our beloved monster in her list of Favorite Books in 2018.

Thank you, Miranda! I appreciate it so very much.


The Squeezor is on Goodreads’s Top 50 reviews this week!

UPDATE: Since posting this, the Squeezor reached the Top 50 Reviews for the Month in the US!

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m SO in love with this one. . .from cover to cover. . .an absolutely perfect read!” – Miranda Reads, top Goodreads reviewer

I am completely gobsmacked and grateful at the same time.

Top reviewer, Miranda Reads, got ahold of The Squeezor is Coming! and I am so very glad she did.

Not only did she write a lovely, thoughtful, personally exhilarating review, but her review put the Squeezor on the Top 50 Reviews list.

The contents of this link will most likely be changed when you click it, but I have this handy screenshot for posterity.

And you can read her full review right here. Please give it a like as well!


Thank you so much, Miranda!

Blue Apron: Brown Butter Gnocchi

I love gnocchi. Golden little textured potato puffs–mmmm!

So of course I was happy to have this dish in my Blue Apron box.


Here are all the goods.

I don’t actually have gnocchi that often, much as I like it. I can’t recall ever having made it, myself. So this was to be a wholly new experience.

I have squash even less, and I’m less sure about it. But I felt I could handle a nice, compact squash such as this guy.

It even sliced up very well.


I don’t know how it felt about this process, but it was well-behaved

I don’t usually brown butter either, but this was a fun experiment to get it to just the right frothiness and nutty scent, without overdoing it.


At this point, you may also picture two eggs soft-boiling away. They asked that we respect their privacy at this time.

And now for the Extreme Closeup portion of this post!


Pre-gnocchi, and notice the almonds magically appearing


Post-gnocchi, and I already would like to eat this, yes.

~Short interlude to allow for cook and plating time~

Voila! Garnished with parmesan and parsley, and the afore-mentioned soft-boiled egg, which almost entirely but not quite behaved itself during the unpeeling, but hid its unfortunate gouge quite well.



I liked this dish more than the empanadas, but I suspect that has a lot to do with the lack of scallions here. I can’t really compare two such disparate concoctions, and my love for gnocchi gives it an unfair advantage to begin with.

This went down very well, and I found my taste buds wanting more even as I recognized that this was a complete meal in itself. You might not think so, looking at the portion sizes, but the proportions are just right.

Add to that the sheer mix of ingredients complementing each other, and you have an extremely satisfying meal; one we can easily make again because we have the recipe!