Listen To: Sweet, Sweethaven (Popeye)

This song just popped into my head…so now you get it, too!

“God must have landed here
Why else would he strand us here?”

This entire movie is a very understated, overlooked gem of acrobatic actions, off-the-cuff mutterings, over-your-head jokes (unless you pay attention), and so much stuff happening in the background that combined with the tongue-in-cheek plot, it’s the equivalent of a wall of sound with all the delights pouring into your senses.

Yeah. I like this movie a lot.

Death by depression

Faced with the shocking and saddening news about Robin Williams, one of my dear friends, Bob Rettmann, wrote a poignant piece that I truly feel needs to be shared among the other heartfelt posts I have seen this week.

While I won’t pretend to understand all that depression can do to somebody, I do understand the message said here and elsewhere: Suicide is but a symptom. It’s depression that kills.

What can we do about it? For starters, get some empathy. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone you work with or someone you live with, someone you know or someone you see on the screen. Depression, like so many other diseases, doesn’t play favorites.

I’ll let him tell the rest in his own words, and please do respond in the comments (here or there) with posts and resources that have helped you as well.

Let’s Call It What It Is: Death by Depression.


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