What Happened to Accountability? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Zendesk has an infographic about how to hire for client-facing positions. In essence, you can teach skills; it’s the inherent traits such as kindness and empathy that you want to hire.

It makes sense. When someone is the voice or face (or both) of your brand, you have to make sure they know how to talk to your audience.

Yet a few things seem to be missing.

Where are accountability, follow-through, or execution as desired traits or skills?

I’d like to see another section after Hire for Attitude; Train for Skill, one that includes the final rounding off that would make this new hire a prize: Having the drive to do something with what you learn from the people you talk to, ideas you’ve come up with during conversations, ways to make things more efficient, reliable, awesome.

What happens after the phone is down or the screen is off?




More reading: Another infographic that lists 10 skills you’ll need for the jobs of 2020–but is a little shy on accountability here, too.