How Much Do Companies Value Creativity Over Getting Things Done?

Most career infographics never add this step: Being the person who can get things done.

Why is that?

We’re saturated with articles lauding the importance of creativity over almost anything else in the business world, including intelligence.

Of course you want idea-people on your team. Without ideas, without creativity, I wouldn’t be sitting here in my comfy chair using WordPress on my laptop.

But who took the idea and made it live?

Was it the same person or team that thought it up in the first place?

CAN it be the same person?


Don’t worry, this is just a guinea pig. (Teddy)

Check your attributes

All those infographics and posts that talk about the top skills you need today—adaptability, self-reliance, teamwork, people-personing—are absolutely correct. You need those. Those so-called soft skills balance out your knowledge and experience.

But those posts never seem to get to the next step: Being the person who can also put those ideas into production.

In The Most Valuable Work Skill You Need, I talk about that one key trait that seems to be left off of employer wishlists and career advice lists.

And that’s accountability.


If you have to hold up a sign….

Who’s accountable for your accountability?

It’s not quite a trick question.

A lot of us probably don’t get around to doing half of what we dream.

We’ve got ideas, and ideas are fun and sparkling and exciting, but we’ve also got to do a lot more other stuff, hard or boring or bogged down in committee stuff.

And it’s not like we’re in this alone. I know I couldn’t do some of my ideas without my team.


Here’s a fine example of teamwork.

As well, perhaps employers should be equally invested in acquiring or training for accountability as they are about the shiny, sparkly ideas.

But if you find you’re looking back over the past few months or entire year and can’t quite put a finger on a concrete “did,” you’re going to have to actively focus some energy on  getting things done.

Because, alas, nobody wants to hear excuses.

Which are you?

Are you a doer, a dreamer, or both?

And is it that simple of a choice?


You can also click to find three ways to get going on accountability!


Your Career: What’s luck got to do with it?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

An old boss of mine used to say that. He also said things such as “Beerful of fridge,” “I don’t often have five-syllable days,” and “Anyone who can fire me: Do not annoy,” but that’s another matter. (And yes, I used to write these down when he’d come up with them. You just don’t want to forget a saying like “We’re the drug dealers as far as sales are concerned.”)

I came across that list of boss-sayings the other day, and the one about luck got me to thinking: How much of what we do as tireless job seekers and career climbers is due to our own good hard work, and how much to being the right personality, the right charisma, the right cultural fit?

Soft skills vs hard, sending out resumes vs networking…when it comes to getting or holding onto a job, is it just the luck of the draw?

Or is the answer, “All of the above?”

How to Avoid an Interview Massacre


From first impression faux pas to bombing in the soft skills department, we’ve all had our share of interview horror stories. It’s not just the landing of interviews that can have you beat. How do you make it a success when you finally get one?

Our Twitter #careerchat discussed how to stop the self-sabotage at the door and turn even the stickiest situations around.

Here are a few quick takeaways:

  • @YouTernMark: You can recover from tripping on a rug, or saying something strange. You can’t recover from being a bad fit, or a bad personality.
  • @JenGresham: You may think you made a fool of yourself when you didn’t. I once couldn’t answer a question and said so. Got the job.
  • @TyUnglebower: The key is to just remember it’s two people, not two machines. Stuff happens and it’s okay.
    Get more in the chat recap