Tastebud Satisfaction: Amy’s Macaroni & Soy Cheeze


Finally. Love at first bite. With fake cheese, no less!

Amy’s Macaroni & Soy Cheeze, made with organic pasta, cholesterol free and lactose free, is the best brand I’ve found yet for that almost-the-real-thing taste I’ve been craving.  Thick, deliciously gooey cheeze liberally covers generously-sized noodles, and if you heat it up just a little bit more than the directions, you get that wonderfully crisped taste along the edges.

It does have caseinate in it, so die-hard macrobiotics should avoid it. The reason I chose it over its non-caseinate, perfectly friendly rice pasta mac & fake cheese neighbors in the freezer was because I am sick of non-caseinate rice pasta attempt that taste like warmed-over pressed cardboard.

And yes, I can make my own with meltable fake cheese and a package of organic noodles; I can also try to get enough sleep and still do all the things I want during the work week. Ah, ideals.

I can’t say enough about how marvelous this tasted. I know I’d found a good enough substitute prior to this, and I’m certainly not knocking that, but this not only almost tastes like the real thing, it actually looks like the real thing.

Note: Contains wheat and soy. And here’s a little more about caseinate.

Tastebud Satisfaction: Almond Dream–What a Dream!


I love squeaky clean health foods, but sometimes a girl needs to have chocolate in ice cream form without fear of lactose intolerant rumblings.

And I want that fake ice cream to taste like real ice cream: Creamy, rich, and chocolatey like it came from a solid chocolate cow.

Here we go: Almond Dream Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

Yes to almonds.

Yes to soy.

Yes to evaporated cane juice; this isn’t purporting to be Mr. Squeaky Clean Health Food and I’m in treat mode right now.

And yes to that fabulously creamy, chocolate-cow taste that makes you want to scoop yourself just a little more.

This product is gluten free for those who need to worry about such things, and look at the bonus: “Delicious and creamy ALMOND DREAM™ has 50% more calcium than the leading brand and is an excellent source of antioxidants.”

Check out the whole non-dairy frozen treat product line, and their other products here.

Taste Bud Satisfaction: Silk Live! Soy Yogurt


Thank you, Silk, for making soy yogurt so wonderfully tasty.

There I was, contemplating row upon row of beaming yogurt, filled to the brim with friendly bacteria—and chock full of not-so-friendly milk. Not to those of us in the lactose intolerance realm, that is.

Silk’s spiel is this:

“Creamy, delicious yogurt with the goodness of soy, plus beneficial probiotics to help support the body’s natural defenses.”
  • Dairy-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Worry-free

I had Silk’s raspberry flavor, and another raspberry and strawberry are in the refrigerator right now. Check out the nutritional information. While you’re doing that, experience the cool, tangy, fruit-laden awesomeness, spoonful by spoonful.

I get my probiotic acidophilus from Puritan’s Pride, and it’s done extremely well for me for many years, but I’ve been missing yogurt lately, as is evidenced by my review of the So Delicious brand of (delicious!) cultured coconut-milk. The added bonus there is if you really don’t like soy or can’t have it for some reason, but are still just as lactose intolerant, they’ve got you covered.

For now, I’m sayin’ it: If you have to go soy for yogurt, go Silk.