Taste Bud Satisfaction: ZenSoy Pudding


Ah, pudding. Evocative of childhood snacks and a warm stove as your mom or dad stirred until the mixture thickened, then cooled as you waited impatiently; or the ready-made cup packed in your lunch with a spoon that you hurried through your limp sandwich and bag of carrots to devour.

But real pudding is made with real milk, so for those of us with late-onset lactose intolerance and sudden-death chocolate or vanilla pudding cravings, this is kind of a bummer.

Thank goodness for ZenSoy. Among their products, they have four flavors of soymilk-based pudding: Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate/vanilla swirl and banana.

Chocolate/vanilla swirl is in my house right now. I love this stuff. It tastes SO good—that rich, creamy and satisfyingly full-flavored experience where you seek out every last ounce with your spoon. Yes, I admit it: I’m a lid-scraper where this pudding is concerned.


I wouldn’t recommend eating these like there’s no tomorrow; it is a snack, after all. Water is the first ingredient, then organic soy milk, then organic cane juice and corn starch. Organic cocoa shows up as ingredient #5. But the taste is completely satisfying if you want that as-close-as-you-can-get-to-the-real-thing taste bud sensation, and there are D and B vitamins if you need to add to your excuses for indulging.

Want to try it but your store doesn’t have it? Vegan Essentials does. I hadn’t come across this site before, but it’s bookmarked now.

Taste Bud Satisfation: So Delicious: Coconut Milk Yogurt

Because dairy’n’me don’t mix anymore, I try to stay away from having an excess amount of it. In other words, I try not to hoover it up in the name of taste bud satisfaction.

This doesn’t always work so well with cheese (extra-sharp cheddar, smoked Gouda, Camembert…), but it does on yogurt.

My faithful Super Lactase Enzyme is wonderful when I want to indulge, but something about taking a pill to enjoy yogurt just rubs me the wrong way. Yogurt is full of all the GOOD bacteria, after all. Arrgh!

I’ve tried a soy brand before, but whether it was because I mistakenly expected it to taste like real yogurt or because the blend wasn’t tasty in the first place, it just wasn’t for me, so that was it as far as fake!yogurt was concerned. And as I can get all that beneficial bacteria through other means, so why should I complain?

Then I stumbled on So Delicious yesterday. There it was, beaming at me from a shelf separated from all the other yogurts.

I picked it up…