Microsoft Ignite 2017: The Slightly Yammer-ific Recap

And by “slightly,” I really mean, “don’t be surprised when you see mention of it right out of the gate.”

This link leads you to the flip-on-through Sway I built about my experience.

From doing video interviews to talking with people at the Yammer booth, from attending Yammer sessions to presenting in my own session with colleagues, it was quite a full week. My watch said I walked over 41 miles. I felt it.

And the best part was getting to see people who have become friends, and it all started with being connected through Yammer. It’s not something I’d ever have expected to happen. I am so glad it has.

I hope you enjoy seeing Ignite through my eyes!



Still Talking About Microsoft Ignite

Mostly because I’m still catching up on work. It’s been quite a week! That and making sure my MVP contributions are all up to date…it’s no secret that I’d love to be renewed for next year.

Being an MVP really is pretty special. I don’t think it really, truly sunk in until Ignite, when I met everyone in person who I’d been talking to online for more than a year. And then being told that we were considered “gold” by Microsoft.

That felt really good. It really brought home to me how this award was viewed by the people giving it!

So anyway, I made my first Sway about the entire experience:

Ignite 2016, or How I Spent My Fall Vacation.