Sabotaged At Work? How to Keep Your Head, Protect Yourself & Come Out On Top

I ran across this post of mine, and the topic is certainly not one that has gone away. While the site that generated this expert advice has changed, the helpfulness herein hasn’t!

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Author Becky Benishek

back stabber

You’re being sabotaged at work. You decide to:

  • Immediately get another job
  • Keep your head down and hope it all blows over
  • Go straight to HR, do not pass GO, do not collect $200

Oh, for an alternate reality! Unfortunately, here we have to deal with the economy and the fact that things like this rarely do blow over. Even more unfortunately, your human resources department isn’t always the helpful human resource you need it to be.

“HR is not an option for me to go to,” said a friend who’d been the victim of dirty office politics. “We have one HR person, and she’s one of the three ladies who is “in” on the sabotage.”

Earlier in the year, “Mary*” had noticed things were going on that were out of her control. She started saving her “good job” and “thanks for the quick turn-around” emails and so forth, but when she…

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Gimme Some of Dat Corn Sugar! Mmm!

What irks me is the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) people in the Corn Refiners Association think we’re so stupid we’ll never catch on to the fact that they just…renamed their poison. Not only couldn’t they care less what they’re feeding us, they’re insultingly assuming we’ll simply stop reading ingredients and forget there was a name change. They think our heads zip up the back!

A rose by any other name, people. Something stinks in the food industry.

Really, all sugar is supposed to be toxic for us, so limiting sweety mcsweetersons from our diets is ultimately the way to go (if you subscribe to that tenet in the first place). I know I like things with evaporated cane syrup in them, and that’s just another name for sugar too.

But there are degrees of toxicity, and if I’m going to indulge, I’d rather have the real thing than this sludge that’s appearing everywhere just because it’s cheaper than real sugar. HFCS is even in croutons, for pete’s sake!

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