PSA: The Slippery Slope of Hootsuite

All right, so the title’s a little insouciant, or at the very least gratuitous; Hootsuite is serious business for those of us who want to manage our Twitter accounts, not be managed by them. I’ve dabbled with other platforms, but by now I wouldn’t want to run a business or personal account without it.

See, Hootsuite is for everybody:

Still, even this admittedly free service has pitfalls amongst its many charms.

A colleague of mine, Susan Wright-Boucher, loves Hootsuite as much as I do, and is under no illusions about it either. If you use this platform and have noticed a rather disappointing feature, namely that Hootsuite doesn’t show you WHO retweeted your wonderful tweets, then read this to find the workaround.

Thus ends this PSA.

Work in Social Media? Show This List to Your Friends


If the words in this picture run through your head daily, you’ve got a problem–or you just work in social media. Buzzfeed has an excellent article about the 26 Signs You Work in Social Media. All of them might not apply to you; they don’t to me, but they were all very entertaining. Switch over from your brand accounts and take a look!


Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re brand-conscious or just socially curious, this infographic throws some stats against the big three in social media.

This was created at the beginning of 2013, so I’m interested in seeing how the end of 2013 will compare. Will Pinterest even out for male and female users? Will Twitter increase in activity, or decrease? What changes have you seen affect your brand already?