What It Means to Work Out Loud With Customers

Yay! Here is my interview with the dynamic Simon Terry, about how I drive engagement on my company’s customer-facing networks using Yammer. I had a smashingly good time, so scroll down & click to read more!


BeckyBenishek_picBecky Benishek is Social Media and Community Manager for the Crisis Prevention Institute, the global leader in behavior management training. She talks to us about the role of working out loud in external Yammer communities at the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Becky, can you share with us how the Crisis Prevention Institute has been using external communities?

The Crisis Prevention Institute now has two external communities. We are an organization that delivers training to education, healthcare and other long term care organizations. The first community we launched is for our 30,000+ Certified Instructors. These people train others in their organizations and ultimately train over 10 million people across the globe.

We have just launched our second, which is focused on providing person-centered care in dementia and is our first community that allows not only customers but clients and thought leaders who may not have taken our training but who advocate…

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Microsoft MVP: Just a Note About a Talk

I had a fabulous evening, this past Thursday; I got to speak to Simon Terry, who is not only a very active Microsoft MVP, but is an actively-doing-this-every-day Work Out Loud-er.

You may have seen this term as #WOL or #WOLWeek.


Working together…or something

Working out loud starts quite simply with the concept of sharing what you’re doing with other people, to gain ideas, to troubleshoot challenges, to create a better, stronger output.

To do that, you have to open it up: In person, or using an Enterprise Social Network such as Yammer. You don’t actually have to talk out loud to work out loud!

Though talking is what Simon and I were doing: Working out loud about working out loud!

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