Microsoft MVP: Just a Note About a Talk

I had a fabulous evening, this past Thursday; I got to speak to Simon Terry, who is not only a very active Microsoft MVP, but is an actively-doing-this-every-day Work Out Loud-er.

You may have seen this term as #WOL or #WOLWeek.


Working together…or something

Working out loud starts quite simply with the concept of sharing what you’re doing with other people, to gain ideas, to troubleshoot challenges, to create a better, stronger output.

To do that, you have to open it up: In person, or using an Enterprise Social Network such as Yammer. You don’t actually have to talk out loud to work out loud!

Though talking is what Simon and I were doing: Working out loud about working out loud!

Read more about it here.

How Working Out Loud Helps You Create Your Own Luck

“Each contribution she makes is like a pebble in a pond, rippling out and bringing her into contact with more people and possibilities.”

In this TEDX talk, John Stepper talks about the concept of “Working Out Loud” – #WOL – and how your approach can lead to the purposeful discovery of opportunities that you might not even have imagined.