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What do I do when I’m not writing stories? I’m managing online communities! My experience includes people who quite literally save lives and people who are striving to make their own offline communities and culture the best it can be. I’m happy to share my experiences and help others manage, nurture, and grow their online communities on various platforms and in various spaces, because I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without being helped along the way.

I’m a member of the Microsoft Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board and also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) [Updated 2021: Year 6!] for Office Apps & Services. It’s an award I’m both humbled and honored to receive.


I’ve learned several online community platforms from the ground up, and always have an eye out for what’s next. Currently I work with Yammer networks, both internal and external, and that means I work with some fabulous people.




Academic Publications

The short version of what you are about to see is mostly located on LinkedIn, where I post about online community management, what having a community means to our customersconferences, and more.

Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) and Yammer Articles



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Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI): Projects, Posts, Social Media Successes

I had a prior incarnation in the career resources field! Here’s what I did then:

Career Resource-Related Guest Posts, Blog Posts, and Tutorials

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Note: My Twitter handle was bbenishek at the time. (Now it’s @beckybenishek.)


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