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I’m Becky Benishek. You’ve found me as I’ve made a lifelong dream a wonderful reality. I’ve always been a writer. Now I’m an author. (And now I can say that!)

I have a B.A. degree in English and love to create stories that help children believe in themselves and find the magic in ordinary things. I also write science fiction and am currently working on a young adult novel. I like Legos, Renaissance Faires, and the Commodore 64. I’m married with guinea pigs.

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Besides posting about my books, writing, and publishing, I’m a fourth-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with proven success that professional online communities can work for your company and customers. Learn about the great things you can do with an online Enterprise Social Network such as Yammer or with focused project collaboration such as Microsoft Teams! And let’s not forget SharePoint with its aesthetic functionality.

And don’t be surprised if. . .

. . .you find older posts on here about social media, career resources, food reviews, or guinea pigs. This blog has gone through several incarnations as I’ve progressed through my career and focused on different things in my life.

Most of these incarnations are no longer updated. The guinea pigs remain. 🙂


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