Tumbleweeds: Recipe for chocolatey goodness

Tumbleweeds are: Chocolatey, peanut buttery, potato sticky, peanuty goodness.

Bite-sized and perfectly portable, you can make them with chow mein noodles, toss in butterscotch chips, and substitute almond bark. Ever hear of Haystacks? Same thing!

Here’s how I make mine. Cautionary Note: It’s only natural to sample each ingredient to make sure it’s okay; after all, you don’t want to poison people. Just don’t make these before dinner or the sampling rate may increase alarmingly.



12 oz can cocktail or party peanuts (optional)
16 oz can potato sticks or 2 9-oz cans; you won’t use entire contents
12 oz pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips
10 oz pkg peanut butter chips

You will also need:
Double boiler
Waxed paper
2 or 3 Cookie sheets
Stirring spoon
2 tablespoons


1. Start the double boiler on the stove. Add the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips a little at a time until both bags are used up, stirring constantly to prevent burning or sticking to the pan.

2. When you have a nice thick unlumpy goo, turn off the heat.

3. Start adding the potato sticks and peanuts a handful at the time and stir into the mixture so they are saturated with the chocolate-peanut butter chip mix.

4. Stop adding the potato sticks and peanuts when the mixture will no longer cover all the pieces.

5. Lay waxed paper on cookie sheets. Using two tablespoons, scoop out small- to medium-sized clumps of the mixture onto the waxed paper.

6. Let “set” and dry. Full drying time can take an hour or more; look for the chocolateyness to stop glistening. Note: Sampling may be done earlier if you can’t help yourself, but the Tumbleweeds may fall apart. You may find this won’t matter to you.

Tastebud Satisfaction: Buddy Squirrel’s Whipped Creme Eggs

Previously known as Quality Candy’s whipped creme eggs!


I worked at Quality Candy one summer in their factory. At that time, Buddy Squirrel was on the OTHER side of the building and restricted itself to all manner of nutty mixes.

I never knew the secret candy recipes, but I know exactly how the chocolate looked both coming off the conveyor belt in the cold room and being stirred and poured into exquisite molds in the hot room.

We could eat all we wanted though we couldn’t take any home.

You might be surprised to learn that after about a week, you get used to the chocolate-drenched atmosphere.

After a week, you don’t bat an eye at the chocolate-covered mints rolling down the conveyor belt, or the molten mound of toffee poured onto the wide stainless steel tables to cool and harden before breaking it up into delicious rectangles, or the person-sized mixing bowls filled with a concoction that will become pecan logs.


But a few things never failed to light up my taste buds: Non-pareils, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and those whipped creme eggs.

It comes down to this: “What’s Easter without whipped creme eggs?”

This is what it looks like on the inside (you will still see this box cover, but they are slowly phasing it out):

This is what it tastes like:



A thick milk or dark chocolate shell surrounds vanilla—or maple—or mint—or caramel–or raspberry!— creme, with the finger-licking result of sticky lusciousness dissolving in your mouth.

The bigger eggs come six to a box.

It’s a large box. These are large eggs. You could easily cut one in half and still feel full…especially if you felt like sharing, which I generally don’t.

The last time I had these, I paced myself: One a day. That was six glorious days.

If you don’t have a Buddy Squirrel near you, here’s their online store.

Tastebud Satisfaction: Almond Dream–What a Dream!


I love squeaky clean health foods, but sometimes a girl needs to have chocolate in ice cream form without fear of lactose intolerant rumblings.

And I want that fake ice cream to taste like real ice cream: Creamy, rich, and chocolatey like it came from a solid chocolate cow.

Here we go: Almond Dream Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

Yes to almonds.

Yes to soy.

Yes to evaporated cane juice; this isn’t purporting to be Mr. Squeaky Clean Health Food and I’m in treat mode right now.

And yes to that fabulously creamy, chocolate-cow taste that makes you want to scoop yourself just a little more.

This product is gluten free for those who need to worry about such things, and look at the bonus: “Delicious and creamy ALMOND DREAM™ has 50% more calcium than the leading brand and is an excellent source of antioxidants.”

Check out the whole non-dairy frozen treat product line, and their other products here.