Tree-Free Greetings (and Fantasy Art)

Ah, John Shannon. Just look at what he can do:

I find his work gorgeous, akin to Gilbert Williams, Michael Whelan and even, perhaps, a faint echo of Maxfield Parrish. Or I just like to bring Maxfield Parrish up whenever I talk about art regardless if there are any similarities or not.

But the real reason I’m talking about John Shannon is I was introduced to him through Tree-Free Greetings with its Earth-Friendly Cards & Gifts line. Their site might be a little sparse on description, but fortunately a proudly authorized retailer, Peaceful Valley Greetings gives it more clout:

What is Tree Free?  Tree Free Greetings strives to use the most eco friendly materials and processes possible. All of our cards are printed with soy based inks, manufactured in the US, and our paper mills use sustainable energy. Eco info is on the back of every card and all envelopes are 100% recycled, up to 100% post consumer waste.”

The official site is deliciously long on browsing through occasion and theme, such as the fantasy art section. It looks as though you can create a login and order. But I bet you’ll find a rack or two of them in stores that carry greeting cards; I found mine in our local Woodman’s grocery store.

It’s cool to see such lovely work on something so eco-conscious.

Note: If you’re as blown away by John Shannon as I am, here’s his official site with prints available for sale.

2 thoughts on “Tree-Free Greetings (and Fantasy Art)

  1. Thank you for the nice mention in your article, Ecoquisitive! Peaceful Valley Greetings is the ‘proudly authorized retailer’ you mention and we are indeed PROUD to offer a full line of Tree Free Greetings cards!

    I just wanted to mention for the benefit of you and your readers that Tree Free Greetings itself does not sell its product at retail. You’ll need to find an Authorized Retailer to purchase Tree Free product. You will find many gift shops around the US and internationally that carry a selection of Tree Free products. And if I may provide a little tip, Peaceful Valley Greetings is an online retailer that carries the largest selection of Tree Free products that you’ll find in any one place.

    Thank you, again!


    • Felicia,

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve updated the post to include your company name, for I was impressed by your site.

      And it’s good to know that you’ve got the best stock around, because whenever I see one of those cards, I always want more.


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