Why You Should Try Fiverr

I know it’s a holiday weekend, but I’ve found myself more inspired than I have been lately.

Re-inspired, I should say.


No, not this Fiver.

I’ve got a bunch of stories that make me a writer, but I don’t have anything that makes me an author, even though I do very much count this academic piece published in a journal (reprinted here for your ease and edification).

What I’m doing now is something different: Children’s stories! I’ve got adult stories, too, but these have been back-burnering for long enough.

It should be a cliche by now that all writers need editors. Some of us like to think we don’t, but we do. That extra brain behind someone else’s eyeballs can make all the difference between something you want to read and something everyone will want to read.

I may be exaggerating a tad, but the sentiment remains.

And so I turned to Fiverr. Among many other services, you’ll find people wanting to edit your words, starting at $5 per 1000!

And so far, my experience has been superb. 100% on the first try! I am going back for a second as we speak.

I can also recommend the editor I picked after doing some careful research into what I needed and what was offered.

And I am seriously thinking about partnering up with someone to explore self-publishing.

Want to try it yourself? This referral link says you’ll get a “free Gig.”

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