And Another Story Finished

I’m quite excited. Ever since that oath I took late December 2016, my creativity and inspiration have been soaring.

So much so that, while in the middle of landing “What’s At The End Of Your Nose?” on a delightful person who does formatting for CreateSpace and Kindle, as I took one look at all the templates and guidelines and “Oh, we don’t actually provide a true template for children’s books, but you can try to do it anyway” and more along those lines from both the CreateSpacers and other hopeful children’s book authors, I completed yet another children’s story to add to the three others I have waiting their turn to be published.

That is, it was a children’s story. Within two days from receiving it back from my editor, with her lovely note that encouraged me to add more detail, this story that I’d boxed into a less-than-1,000-words format is now well over 2,000.

I had been trying to confine it when it needed to fly free.

Every time I would sit at my laptop with that story open, I’d be off and running with the tale, expanding, tweaking, refining, adjectiving, and punning. Off it’s gone to my editor again.

This may wind up a middle-grade or young adult book; it may be trimmed, it may be expanded. Whatever the outcome, I’m having an exhilarating time.

I wish you an exhilarating time with your pet project, too!

Coming soon: “What’s at the End of Your Nose?

Edit: It’s out! Get “What’s at the End of Your Nose?” today.

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