(Re) Sign Up For My Newsletter! (GDPR Clause)

Getting a lot of privacy notices lately? Well, I’m here to add one more.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) padlock

GDPR affects everyone who provides anything that collects data in any way.

That means GDPR affects bloggers, who provide things to comment on and things to sign up for.

So that means GDPR affects YOU.

Emails to get newsletters? Yep! Emails to leave comments on blogs? That too!

GDPR wants to make really sure that you really want what you said you did. And that I really mean what I say when I say I’m only using your email to send you what you asked me to send.

I know. But apparently not making really sure you really want what you said you did, and that I’m really doing only what I said I’d be doing, can result in a really serious payout of money I don’t have, sooo—

I hope you re-sign up for my newsletter! I use your email to send you this newsletter and, if you opt-in, to send you cool book-related things in advance, especially if you join my Reading Crew. That’s it!

You can either:

  • Click on the “update my preferences” link at the bottom of any of my newsletter emails, OR
  • Click on this newsletter sign-up link and check all the lovely things from my own opt-ins to the GDPR boxes. I’ll be able to merge records on the MailChimp side if need be.

Otherwise, I will be manually unsubscribing folks who don’t re-sign up because the risk is, alas, just too great. I’d be sorry to see you go!

But here’s to really knowing what you really want, right?

Here’s my official Privacy Policy page.

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