Where’d my bread go?

When I first started out with Lewis’s Healthy Life’s 100% Natural Flaxseed, I was really impressed.


Right on the transparent bag with a purple band, it tells you:

  • No Trans Fat
  • Made with Canola Oil / Low Fat
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Artifical Preservatives, Colors or Flavors
  • Excellent source 100% whole grain
  • Saturated fat free
  • Cholesterol free

The ingredients are pretty good (if you don’t have to avoid gluten):
Whole wheat flour (whole grain), water, bulgar wheat, brown sugar, wheat gluten, yeast, flaxseed, canola oil, salt, raisin juice concentrate, contains 2% or less of the following: Cultured wheat, vinegar, fumaric acid, soy lecithin. Contains: Wheat, soybeans.

And as a bonus, the taste is good too! It’s not as soft as some people may like, but I really like getting the extra flaxseed beyond what I add to peanut butter and stuff.


Then one day we couldn’t find that transparent bag with its purple band in our stores–but we did find a white bag with a purple band. It looked like the company had just repackaged the bread, so we grabbed it.

Except the ingredients were all wrong:

Water, whole wheat flour (whole grain), wheat gluten, oat fiber and/or soy fiber, brown sugar, yeast, flaxseed, salt, 2% or less of the following: Calcium propionate and/or potassium sorbate (to prevent spoilage), dough conditioners (monoglycerides, ethoxylated mono-diglycerides, enzymes, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide), vinegar, calcium sulfate, guar gum, yeast nutrients (monocalcium phosphate), soy lecithin. Contains: Wheat, soybeans.

What, exactly, was I eating?

Research on the parent company’s site shows that there are indeed two separate kinds of flaxseed bread. The old one–or rather, the one I’ve seen in stores up until now–is called Healthy Life Natural All Whole Grain Flaxseed Bread.

The new one (new to me) is Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat Whole Grain Flaxseed Bread with Omega-3.

Now, the new one has a softer taste, and I like it a little better, but that laundry list of ingredients up there makes me worry.  My stores don’t seem to carry the kind I was used to. So is this still a good-for-me bread, or not?

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