#Reverb11 Day 10: Beauty

Prompt: Beauty – Describe a moment of beauty that you witnessed this year.

Moments of Beauty


The late afternoon sun coming in through the window, filtering through half-closed blinds, flickering in the dust-mote air. The clock ticking away does not count time when I’m here with you.


Lying outside on the grass by the old tree before it died, lost in reading, until suddenly the wind chimes hanging on the branch sounded a deep tone–and I looked up and saw the white clouds sailing the blue sky.


Waiting breathlessly for the first chord to play again, this newest song gripping me by the heart, soul, mind. My existence is transfixed, my senses gone cosmic, exploding in color and vibe and tone. Exultant. Transcendent. Hitting “play” again.


Worrying that my guinea pig, who is getting on in years, is not moving as much as he used to, then putting him on the floor one day and seeing him hop and skip and twist in mid-air just like he used to.


Those nights when everyone seems to be on the same wavelength, here or around the world, and all the understanding you crave comes flooding right back to you.

Fabulous reverb11 badge made here.

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