Facebook Emojis: Good For Community, Bad For Commenting?

Now that you can express your feelings on Facebook with a heart, shock, sadness, or more, will that eventually lead to fewer comments?

I know, right now there seems to be no lack of opinion-expressing, and there will always be someone eager to broadcast their lack of empathy and comprehension…


I’m just here for the comments

…but when you think of how often we’ve just scrolled through our Newsfeed and thrown a “like” on posts, even with the intent to come back later and express ourselves more fully (and then, oops, often not), with these new variables, will that soon eliminate the need to say more?

Maybe, maybe not. We are a talkative species no matter what method of communication we use.

This thought just came to mind because since I do social media as my day job, I tend to look at changes with a very suspicious “What will this do to me?” eye.

More specifically, “What will this do to my data?”


He keeps his data close to his chest.

I compile reports on What Worked Where, and What Worked When, and just drilling down a bit, when you’re talking engagement figures on Facebook, comments add up big.

A heart emoji is nice to see, but I’d rather hear what our customers are thinking in words of more than one symbol.

Do you think we’re in any danger of symbols replacing sentences? 


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