Why You Should Take a Chance with Online Communities

When you take a chance on opportunities, you can get the best resources from unexpected sources. – Becky B (me!)

I know I said it myself, but I’m quoting it anyway because I like it. I just got done filling out a questionnaire from Microsoft in advance of the Microsoft Ignite conference later this month. I was asked if I’d be part of a Spotlight talk.

I’m taking a chance on this opportunity!

I waxed verbose on five questions, from detailing what my journey has been like since becoming part of the greater Microsoft community, to any key or “ah-ha!” moments that are community-based.

One of which led to my statement above. With Yammer, and now the Microsoft Tech Community, one of the really cool things is deceptively simple:

Posting a question and having it answered in a way that actually helps.

You don’t always get that in communities, or if you do, you get perhaps 10 “Gosh, that’s too bad” and one “I wish I could help” responses.

Here there is far more of a chance that someone will already have gone through what you’re going through, or will know who to tag to get you the answer you need.

That and the friends I’ve made over the past couple years are what keep me invested and attached. And I learn something new all the time!

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