Today I’m Running My First YamJam

What’s a YamJam, you ask? (Even if you aren’t asking, keep reading.)

Think of a presentation you attend in real life. There’s usually a single topic, one or two speakers, and an audience.

This audience can be poker-faced listeners, avid questioners, good-advicers, or I-need-to-hear-myself-speak talkers. Or some combination of the above, plus more.

Now take all that and throw it online in Yammer. That’s a YamJam!


If you’ve done Reddit’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything) or a Twitter chat, this concept will seem more familiar.

I’ve only done Twitter chats before, and what I prefer about using Yammer is every question is kept in its own conversation thread. You still have to refresh your screen to make sure you’re seeing the most current responses, but you’re guided to each question along the way so you know where to click.

And at the end, every conversation thread for each question, even the ones you ask yourself, are gathered up in an interactive document for posterity. Pretty brilliant.

So I can’t wait to run my own YamJam myself for our customers to share their expertise…which will happen in just a few hours today!


THIS is a YamJam.



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